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there will be no gravedancing in wichita today.

june 21, 2009 11:59 pm

(This entry transcribes tweets from and about my trip to Wichita to help Kansas NOW prevent Operation Rescue and the Christian Defense Coalition from having a big smug press conference in front of Dr. Tiller's closed clinic, on June 20, 2009, less than three weeks after his assassination.)

June 17, 2009

Stay classy, killers: RT @NARAL Anti-choice organizations plan event outside Dr. #Tiller's clinic: http://is.gd/14u9m%20

RT @KS_NOW We need proud sign holders! Come to Wichita Saturday! Counter protest the religious grandstanders!

(Who in Kansas has a scrap of linoleum I can sleep on for the weekend? Can show check register as proof of need, for real.)

Just booked flight to KS for counterprotest at Dr. Tiller's. Not how I'd planned my first trip to the Midwest--but just try to keep me away!

A member of the vast left-wing conspiracy has offered up a couch, for which I am *enormously* grateful. Thank you! Kansas here I come!

.@KansasJackass has deets for any pro-choice activists attending Saturday's counterprotest outside Dr Tiller's clinic http://twurl.nl/60mqmq

and did I mention it's F***ING REPUGNANT that the antis are exploiting a horrific murder for their own sick agenda? Oh, I did? Just checking

June 18, 2009

OMG. Just checked out weather reports for the next few days in KS. Why wasn't I warned?

... that's a LOT of Fahrenheits, y'all

June 19, 2009


Rolling into Wichita to the tune of Tricky reworking Chuck D: got a letter from the government today....

Conspiring to conspire, with the Wichita liberal mafia. So glad to be here... but so underslept

I may not have confessed to you people my love of craft and office supplies. This is relevant, because I am a ninja badass protest signmaker

Want to type the perfect impassioned 140-char call to action for all pro-choice Wichita-area tweeps to come join the counterprotest tomorrow

...but am so tired as to be incoherent. I have only this: please come stand with us. Against violence. For women. And for choice.

June 20, 2009

RT @MassNOW "We R the organization of radical hospitality" #now09 it's true y'all. Wichita NOW bought this out-of-towner her fave donuts!

It's raining cats, dogs, and fundamentalist woman-haters in Wichita!

..... the Avis people did me a favor when they rented me that land boat.

At Wichita counterprotest. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue just rolled by in an SUV taking pix of us. Pro-life? Pro-stalking & harrassment

Short honks are for us. Long honks are against us. A LOT of short honks, waves, thumbs up

If The Fetus You Save Is Gay, Will You Still Defend Its Rights? #wichitasigns

8 Doctors & Clinic Staff Murdered! Is This Pro-Life? #wichitasigns

Abortion Is Heatlhcare #wichitasigns

Who Would Jesus Assassinate? #wichitasigns

Respect Our Grief And Go Back Home #wichitasigns

Dr. Tiller Lives On In Me #wichitasigns

Trust Women #wichitasigns

"I Hope Someday Dr. Hern Is Executed" -- 'Pro-Life' Activist Randall Terry #wichitasigns

No Tax-Exempt $tatu$ For Organizations That Incite Violence! #wichitasigns

Attitude Is Everything #wichitasigns

1997-2007: 35 Arson Attacks At Women's Clinics #wichitasigns

If You Cut Off My Reproductive Choice, Can I Cut Off Yours? #wichitasigns

George Lives! #wichitasigns

Common Ground? Negotiate With Terrorists? Not With My Body! #wichitasigns

Anti-Choice Rhetoric Incites Violence #wichitasigns

We Will Never Go Back #wichitasigns

(way more too. But my thumb is cramping!) #wichitasigns

Antis are arriving. One car slowed just long enough to hop out, throw a bouquet on the curb, & flee. Why afraid of us? Our side is peaceful.

OK, no antis since that one car. But we just got a tip they're on their way. All 15 of 'em, if our tipster is right.

*big wave+bigger smile!* RT @jillelswick @ClinicEscort honkhonkhonkhonkhonk!

Drowned rats for choice, y'all. We're here, we're soaked, get used to it.

We've been waiting all day for the anti-choice contingent to roll by and make their case. It just happened: "Fucking die!" Short & sweet

Protect Our Providers #wichitasigns (can't not post this one. So important!)

RT @pedgehog @ClinicEscort honkhonk! Thanks for being there and showing the antis what's what! :) Thank YOU for supporting us!

The anti-choicers are being so cute with the "we didn't let the prochoicers disrupt our memorial." >>

<< Other than not coming to the place you said you were coming to do the things you said you'd do when you said you'd be there, you mean?

OH HAI protest sunburn. We meet again

Oh yeah. We can do this again. We can do this again. Yeah, you, taking my picture. All casual. Heh.

I am SO STARSTRUCK! Troy Newman was back with his SUV taking photos of us, with the Rev Patrick Mahoney trying to convert us. Uh: good luck

Hey Troy: can you send me that pic you took just now? I love my new Wichita friends; be great to have a photo of us smiling so big! Kthxbai!

My nightie is a 2XL tshirt from the 2004 DC March for Women's Lives. 2XL because 1M people came; apparently all bought (normal-size) shirts!

That day was a triumph and an inspiration. So was today. Absolutely. Good night!

June 21, 2009

Rolling out. Would love to go check out Old Town, or more of Delano. But there's no time--and I didn't come to Wichita to play tourist.

I came here to be sure Dr Tiller's fam wouldn't have to see extremists' crocodile tears in front of the closed biz of a man they helped kill

Pray all you want: fine. But my reading of Matthew 6:6 says that you don't issue press releases & invite the media to cover your prayers.

So they can crow all they like about having laid flowers last night. Fact is, they were about 8, & they were there less than 30 minutes.

That's as it should be. Should have been their Plan A, not the backup. But Plan A was plain grandstanding. For shame! We shut it right down.

I could not be more proud to have helped. Bye to my kind and brave Wichita friends! Be careful out there & take good care.


june 15, 2009 7:06 pm

(This entry transcribes my first seven tweets, on June 12, 2009. Twitter purists may view the originals here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.)

In the 7th grade, I got kicked out of a Catholic-school-sponsored speech contest because I gave a pro-choice speech. That was 20 years ago.

It's ALWAYS seemed obvious and plain to me that a woman's will quite simply takes priority over the potential of a nonviable fetus. Period.

If your religious beliefs equate "nonviable fetus" and "person" that's your right. But you have NO right to enforce that belief as law.

Anti-choicers are seeing that America will not tolerate religion as law. We're horrified when Muslim nations do it, & we won't have it here.

And so the anti-choicers grow desperate, turning to violence, intimidation, harrassment, extremism, TERRORISM. Let's be clear on that.

Do anti-choicers not remember 9/11? Although many disagreed with the Bush admin's response, that terrorist act was clearly a call to action.

Anti-choice terrorism is a call to action. I've been talking for years about volunteering as an abortion clinic escort. I'm through talking.


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