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miniature coat hangers.

november 14, 2009 10:37 pm

Aren't they the cutest little symbolic representations of horrific death you've ever seen?

I will be sending one of these coat hangers to each and every one of the 64 Democrats [sic] in the House of Representatives who voted in favor of the anti-choice Stupak Amendment to the healthcare reform bill that passed last weekend. You can too! The idea started on the Facebook group Stupak Amendment REVOLT and it's been picked up by a CREDO Mobile campaign too.

I ordered my miniature hangers at Casey's Wood Products, but there's a bunch of different crafting sites that have them.

domestic terrorists against sotomayor.

july 14, 2009 7:42 pm

(This entry transcribes tweets from and about my trips to Philadelphia, PA; Scranton, PA; and Washington, DC to observe/counter-protest/heckle Randall Terry on his "Defeat Sotomayor" roadshow in the days leading up to Judge Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation hearings.)

July 6, 2009

Former Operation Rescue head Randall Terry to do 12-city tour protesting Sotomayor: http://bit.ly/58cfJ by @rightwingwatch

One guess where Terry will speak in Wichita! At least he's not calling it "solemn remembrance." Good just old-fashioned domestic terrorism.

Terry's 1st "Domestic Terrorists Against Sotomayor" gig: Omaha, tonight. Where my Nebraska tweeps at? http://bit.ly/58cfJ

Why I would starve to death before giving a cent to The Beer Deli restaurant in Forty Fort (Kingston) PA: http://tr.im/r7m0

July 8, 2009

This is Protest Mode: 3 hours sleep, adrenaline buzz, about 14 browser windows, and a shameful amount of cash spent on signmaking supplies

don't EVER let some chump tell you community organizing isn't work.

July 9, 2009

Scranton PA! Protest Randall Terry's extremist anti-choice agenda; support Judge Sotomayor! Friday 10AM! http://tr.im/rztY Please RT!

I am in front of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where Randall Terry is supposed to be speaking in two minutes. No sign yet.

The gathered few are all wearing cheap suits & ear bugs; lotta American-made navy blue sedans about. Subtle, boys. But thanks for being here

Of note: the folks in the Archdiocese comm office were HORRIFIED to hear Terry'd put their phone # on his press release when I called today.

.......borrowed legitimacy much, Mr. Terry?

Then they no-commented me on the no-communion-for-senators-who-don't-vote-anti-choice issue. Had to try, didn't I?

Oh look. Randall Terry Jr, and presumably Mrs Terry. Holding one end of their one sign. Holding the other, a man I don't know.

Mrs. tells a reporter Mr. is here shortly. Mystery man says to Mrs: "See that woman over there? Planned Parenthood escort. I recognize her."

That's not me. I'll have to go introduce myself.

Ok so. Skyscrapers and Twittering don't mix. I'm leaving. This is a total non-event; WHYY did a five-minute interview and otherwise no press

I'd like to share with you the burblings of an enthusiastic Terry fan. (Apparently, he has two in Philly.) She was talking about Dr Tiller:

"We don't condone killing. Of course we don't condone it. But it sure does give them pause."

This is why I. will. never. stop. Because that's terrorism in a nutshell, kids. And I will be god-damned, if I stand idly by.

Bwah! "He's liable to have addressed at least 50 non-media attendees by the time his US tour wraps up." http://bit.ly/4vhZoK RT @IAmDrTiller

July 10, 2009

Halloooo, SCRANTON! Are you ready to ROCK?

SCRANTON: word is, Terry's moved his circus to the office of Sen Casey, 309 Lackawanna Ave, not at the Bishop's office. Unconfirmed. Anyone?

SCRANTON: No Terry in either location. Late to his own presser? Shocker. Rosary stickers & loiterers with strollers near Casey's ofc.. hmm

SCRANTON: Correction: Casey's office is 409 Lackawanna. Still seeking confirmation of switch to this location

There is no one at 409 Lackawanna at all, neither Terry nor loitering stroller-pushers (those folks wandered away a few minutes ago).

It's a gorrrrgeous day for a wingnut scavenger hunt, BTW. If I can't find it, how many discombobulated antis are wandering the streets too?

Heh, Lonely gent sitting on a planter reading a pocket bible in front of 300 Wyoming. I'm totally gonna buy discombobulatedantichoicers.com

The fundie freakshow is nowhere in evidence; I'm out. Someone tell the bible-reading old dude in front of the chancery, ok?

July 11, 2009

Did Randall Terry even *have* his press conference in Scranton yesterday. Besides our being unable to find him there, there's squat online.

No news media clips. No blogger revue. Nada. Or did he have it & no one showed, so he bailed? Damn, yo: it's tough, being a has-been.

July 12, 2009

Another day, another drive. DC: anything awesome happening in town tonight? & has the line at Ray's Hell-Burger returned to prePrez levels?

No words can convey my Delaware hate. Should take 10 min to drive thru on 95, but with 2 ugly toll bottlenecks, it's looking like 30+ today.

ClinicEscort reporting live from the Supreme Court building in Washington DC where Randall Terry apparently has hooked a prize fish...

I was told by the first reporter to interview me today that Norma McCorvey is to speak today.

This is adorable. Anti chant: "Kill them early! Kill them often!" is there any doubt these people are stark raving mad?

McCorvey spoke for 60 seconds... But you couldn't hear her. Ah well.

About 20 antis. Chanting again.

Randall Terry just denied ever saying that if he were in charge, abortion doctors would be executed. The man lied to my face. Surprise?

The antis are about to descend on the Dubliner. Anyone know any waitstaff there? I'm dying to know how these folks tip.

Protest over. I gave, let's see, 5 interviews? Channels 7 & 9, AP, Alternet, Indymedia. That's nothing next to the attention my dog got!

DC! Rally with NOW for choice and for Sotomayor, tomorrow 7AM to 9AM, Hart Senate Building, 2nd and Constitution Ave SE

Interesting tidbit from the anti-choice rallies I've visited over the last few days: law enforcement getting names of attendees.

In Philadelphia, I was asked if I were with the antichoicers: "oh, okay; we wouldve needed to get some info from you if you were."

But today the Supreme Court police (yes: a real thing) got info from both sides. I am now On File I suppose. Not sure how to feel about this

If it means authorities are keeping better track of nutjobs, good I guess, since AFAIK every doctorkiller to date had raised prior red flags

But there IS a civil liberties component to this and I can't help be a bit creeped out. A damn shame it's come to this. It really is.

Also: no one asked me for ID. I gave real info, but the next anti-choice shooter would not have. So... did I pay a figurative honesty tax?

Still: that creepy feeling on my skin would be MUCH stronger had I been carded.

Aw. Mr. Terry looked a little *exercised* responding on Channel 9 to my broadcast-in-full accusation of domestic terrorism. Struck a nerve?

http://twitpic.com/a9lff - L to R: Randall Terry, anti-choice domestic terrorist; the one brown lady Terry could find for his lame Sotomayor-themed street theater; a gentleman who is not in fact brown; and Norma McCorvey, who is against abortion today, but do check back tomorrow.

July 13, 2009

Hanging at the corner of 1st and Constitution NE with 2 or 3 dozen pro-Sotomayor sign-holders.

Home from the Sotomayor rally. Randall Terry's people overslept AGAIN. We were there for 2 hours; they were there for like the last 10 min.

We had OVERWHELMING support from passing traffic. Lots of beeping and waving. Srsly: ONE guy who yelled "boo" out his window.

@feminist4choice Wonder how it feels to be a washed-up has-been on a mission of futility?

Desperation. RT @feminist4choice @NARAL more from #sotomayor hearing protester: "the blood of innocents is on ur hands." Taken away in cuffs

Guy who took my lunch order saw my "confirm her" sticker, asked what it meant. I said SCOTUS; he said "oh. Who do you think is gonna get it?

Apparently, thistle is the official color of pro-Sotomayor sentiment. Awesome sticker from DC NOW! http://twitpic.com/a8avh

Full of lamb kebab, I can now depart DC 4 more northerly climes. Not without the same old homesick twinge, but I'll come back: I always do

July 14, 2009

Apparently the anti-choice wingnuts were, in fact, on the scene at Sotomayor before 8:50 AM, only in a place out of sight of our rally...

& did a special 10-min detour past us. In hope of getting us to drop our "Confirm Her" signs all "I've seen the light!" OR just to be dicks?


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